File Preparation/Setup Guidelines

Upload Files

File Formats

-Preferred formats are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

-Others include Quark 7.0, Publisher and Powerpoint. (Additional charge for Publisher and Powerpoint)



-Set up files at 100% of final size if possible.

-Resolution of images should be 100-150 ppi at 100% for large format graphics,

-Resolution of images should be 200-300 ppi at 100% for high quality smaller prints.(If setting up files at 50% size, images should be 2x the resolution (200-300ppi for large format, 400-600ppi for high quality smaller prints). 25% - 4x resolution.)


Color Specifications

-RGB files work fine but if you have specific PMS colors or your original files are CMYK, use CMYK.

-Fabric banner prints need to be CMYK.

-Our default profiles used are AdobeRGB and US Swop Coated CMYK.


Link Image Files

-Illustrator - link files (don’t embed), in case corrections are needed.


Special Effects

-Illustrator and InDesign special effects such as glows, transparencies, gradients, and drop shadows; do not always print correctly, create them in Photoshop. Adding a little noise to gradients can help in stepping



-Convert fonts to outlines. If fonts are not outlined or need to be adjusted, provide Macintosh or Tru Type fonts with the file.



-Include 1/4 inch bleed for smaller prints.

-1/2 inch bleed for larger than 30 x 40.

-2 inch for fabric banners.


Contact Munroe for Templates for a Specific Display



-When designing a multi-panel graphic, build as one file. We will split the panels up in printing. Try to minimize type that crosses over the panel breaks.


Saving Files

-Save Photoshop/image files as psd, tiff or jpg. Jpg files should be of high quality and not overly compressed or sharpened.

-Save Illustrator files as ai or eps.

-Files can be saved as pdf’s if they were saved at a high quality setting and include bleed and crop marks.


File Submission

-CD/DVD, flash drive, email to or submit via our FTP site (call for details).

-Provide a PDF layout or hardcopy proof.